Kafue National Park


Zambia's Forgotten Paradise

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Kafue National Park has become one of Zambia’s most talked about destinations. For both safari connoisseurs and first timers to Africa, Kafue offers a true African wilderness experience.


Often overlooked in the past, this hidden gem of a park has seen wildlife numbers grow steadily in the last few years and now offers a fantastic safari option with a huge variety of game, bird species and diverse landscapes.


Kafue’s vastness (it’s one of Africa’s largest national parks, and is bigger than Wales) and varied landscapes ensure that it has huge appeal. At over 22,000 km2, it is an adventure filled yet relaxing retreat, where you feel as though you have the entire park all to yourself.


The Kafue River is the lifeblood, but away from its banks there is a wide variety of woodlands as well as open grasslands. These host a diverse array of wildlife species including over 150 different mammals along with an amazing 470 species of bird. So visiting the various habitats of the park is strongly recommended.